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Plus, psychic phone readings can give you insights and ideas that can change your whole outlook. Sick of how your boss treats you at work? Suspect your significant other of cheating? Feeling anxious about your future? Talking to a phone psychic can help you with any of these things. While the reading of the three card spread will differ depending on how you learn to read tarot, the three Minor Arcana cards will usually represent past, present, and future (in the order, from left to right). If you included a Major Arcana card, it will be the card through which the others are interpreted. Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) is better known as Nostradamus, the man whose prophecies are still quoted everytime a plane goes down or a tall building blows up. While his prophecies do not always hold water, Nostradamus was real enough. I visited his birth house in the gorgeous town of St-Rémy de Provence. They even have a plaque for him. Avoid phone psychics who are not members of local psychic associations. These associations have strict rules and guidelines for membership. These associations ensure that all members behave ethically.

Beginning on October 30, 2017, 30 leading experts from diverse fields will share their insights into the journey towards becoming a mature, balanced, spiritually open, and psychologically healthy human being.

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