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I’m getting through such a productive first half of this year that I’m spending more and more time away from the social media screens instead of on them, my energy and focus has been directed towards a very special production that I shall share with you in more detail when I can,but suffice to say its really exciting. I look forward to perhaps sharing your story with you should you find yourself stuck in some area of your life. Relationships, family, money, health or spiritual development – I can help. ^ Wiseman, R. , Greening, E. & Smith, M. (2003). “Belief in the Paranormal and Suggestion in the Séance Room”. British Journal of Psychology, 94, 285-297. The Death of Charles I. is determined by these peculiar circum∣stances, never known before in the world; viz.
They vibrate at different levels relative to the awareness of the individual and their ability to integrate the characteristics of each into their life.

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It is time for you to go within and deal with any painful situations that may be arising for you now.

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